IGEA Club - The objective of the IGEA Club is to create a place where business leaders achieve broad and effective solutions to current environmental challenges.

Members of the IGEA Club have direct access to diverse services, including onsite and online training related to the most recent quality and environmental standards.

Among the many benefits, IGEA Club members can participate in technical field trips, where state-of-the-art industrial processes are presented, analysed and discussed.



IGEA promotes and organizes a wide array of trainings, from Quality Management to Eco-Sustainability Coaching. Training is taylor made in order to guarantee complete attention to all of the clients' demands and necessities.

IGEA also performs company diagnostics in order to develop the necessary training which will achieve high performance levels with relation to eco-sustainable processes, products and methods.



IGEA offers international environmental certification services that create customer values based on reliability, fairness, and expertise. IGEA focuses on a positive global impact on the environment through Carbon credit and Eco credit validation and verification.